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Ready to take off?

Ready to take off?

Aerial Filming and Drone Video in London and UK

Armonica Film is an international Video Production Company, offering Aerial Filming and Drone Video Services. With offices in London, Rome, Milan and Genoa, we can provide this service anywhere in Europe.

We are experts in and aerial filming and drone videos, providing a complete package to capture great footage from the sky.Add a new perspective to your music video, your commercial or documentary. Aerial filming is great for corporate, event and tourism videos as well. This filming technique adds an amazing point of view to create fascinating videos.

In the past, aerial filming was an expensive service only a few customers could afford. With the latest technologies, we can offer this service at a very reasonable price.
We use drones and multicopters that can fly everywhere to capture exciting, captivating footage. We always update our equipment to guarantee the highest quality currently available.

There’s no place too far for Armonica Film: we can offer this service everywhere in Europe. We have offices in London, UK and in Rome, Milan and Genoa, Italy.
Since 2005 we have been working for important clients from all over the world and we want you to join them.
Whatever the size and budget of your project, we can lead you through a 100% stress-free production process, from the script to the screen, taking care of every aspect.

No matter how far, no matter how high. Our skilled video crews will get wherever you need them to shoot great footage in flight and making professional drone videos.
If you want to work with your own video crew, we can also provide facilitation services both in the UK and Europe.
Our post-production department then will edit the raw material adding music, effects and motion graphics to turn it into a wonderful video. Your video.

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