Video Production Cost in the UK

Armonica Film is among the best European video production companies. You will find our British office in London.

Our video services are top-quality and cost effective. We don’t work on zero budget projects and we don’t offer seasonal discounts. However, we guarantee that every single frame you will get from Armonica Film will be the best for that price.

Armonica film camera crews offer their services in the UK and all over Europe. We have offices in London, Rome, Milan, Genoa, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Dubai.

If you want to know the video production cost for music, corporate, commercial, tourism or promotional videos, please send us an e-mail to Otherwise, you can take a minute to fill in the following form. This form has been thought in order to collect the minimum requirements to make a realistic estimate, avoiding you to lose time in further requests.

We will answer to your questions within 12 hours. Thank you.