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Looking for the perfect solution?

production services

Looking for the perfect solution?

Production Services in the UK and Europe

Armonica Film is a European video production company. We have offices in London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Genoa. Shooting in Europe has never been so easy.

Armonica Film has many years of experience in video production. However, our team can also provide all the production services and camera crews necessary for the video.

Specifically, our services include hiring operators and equipment, organizing the shooting, finding permissions and authorizations for our crews. Our office in Britain is in London, but thanks to our international offices we can reach our clients everywhere in Europe. They can hire our camera crews in Italy, Germany, Spain, France and even in Dubai since 2017.

Moreover, our team is diverse and can offere different expertise: we are directors, camera operators, assistants and, of course, we provide equipment. If our clients need actors and locations for your production, we can help finding them as well. Our services also include accommodation, translation and interpreting, thanks to our multilingual crew.

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