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Once in a Lifetime

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Camera Crew and Event Filming in the UK and Italy

Armonica Film is one of the best European Video Production Companies, with offices in London, Rome, Milan and Genoa. We can film every kind of event video everywhere in Europe.

We specialize in event video production. Since 2005, we’ve been filming events all over Europe, for customers worldwide. Our experienced camera crew have the skills and the equipment to film any kind of event, small or big. Our talented directors and camera operators know how to capture the best footage in every situation. Huge events and crowded rooms are not an issue for our camera crew.

There’s no second chance when you’re filming an event: it has to be one-take. It’s something happening once in a lifetime. Every lost moment is lost forever. That’s why you need skilled and experienced people to do the job. Our camera crew will never miss any precious second of your one-time event.

We can film the whole event or capture the best moments of it. We can provide a full documentary or an engaging highlights video. We are trained and equipped to edit the video in real time, too. We can also broadcast your event in live streaming worldwide. If you don’t need editing, you can hire our camera crew, that will capture great HD footage for you. If you want to film the event with your own crew, we can offer facilitation services.

You can hire our camera crew to film anywhere in Europe. With offices in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Genoa. It’s very easy for us to film events in the UK, in Italy and in every European Country.

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