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The global payment platform Acapture entrusted Armonica Film with the shooting of the 2018 MRC event video in Dublin.

Acapture was launched in 2015 by Payvision and it offers a comprehensive payment solution. Its main aim is to demolish barriers that slowed down e-commerce growth for too long in the past. Over the last few years, we developed a partnership with Payvision filming at many events they organized or took part in. This allowed us to also collaborate with their younger partner Acapture.

Our camera crew was at MRC Dublin, an event dedicated to the fight against fraud and organized annually by the Merchant Risk Council. This year, the Irish capital was the hosting city, with the Dublin Convention Center as venue. With more than 500 professionals, 100 companies and 25 exhibitors, many in the business consider the MRC event the best one of the industry.


Armonica Film realized interviews with some of the event speakers, as well as the event organizer and interim CEO of MRC Ronda Pelloux. We shot b-roll footage of panels and keynotes, together with some images of sunny and beautiful Dublin. All interviewees loved the MRC and were extremely happy with the experience, as you can see in our video below.

The equipment we used to realize the MRC Dublin event video also included the newest addition to our team: the Crane 2 by Zhiyun! Thanks to a great atmosphere and a wonderful weather, we really enjoyed working for MRC and look forward to do it again.

Our camera crew is available with camera operators and equipment to realize your event video in Dublin and all over Ireland! If you are interested in our services, just visit our website and ask for a free quote here.


promotional video for school accent LondonOver the last few months, Armonica Film has established a collaboration with Accent, realizing a promotional video for school for each one of their centers in Europe. Accent is based in San Francisco and gives American students from colleges and universities the chance to experience some months on the other side of the ocean. It provides them with different choices of study abroad programs, including the chance to spend some time in London. After shooting the promotional videos for the Accent centers in Rome, Madrid, Florence, Paris and their partner center in Syracuse, our camera crew was entrusted with another production in the British capital.

Experience a new culture

promotional video for school accent LondonAs always, we followed a group of students over a couple of days, filming their daily lives and activities at the Accent Center. These included classes, visits to major sites, as well as extra activities. In the meantime, some of them took the time for some interviews with us.

Among the things that students tend to appreciate the most about this experience is the possibility of living in a different culture. This allows them to actually realize how diverse the world is, and how your prospective on things can change depending on where you come from. From this point of view, the chance to study on site as opposed to study in a campus is a very big help. Moreover, thanks to the multi-city program, some students told us that they will have the chance to study in Paris after their time in London, having to learn and practice a new language.

Another positive aspect of the London Center is undoubtedly its position. In fact, it is perfect to visit some of the major sites and museums, but also very near to the London colleges, where students can interact with their British peers.

Personal Growth

promotional video for school accent LondonOn a personal level, this experience helps students to broaden their horizons and grow as people. Having the chance to take part in activities they never experienced before, is a great way to step out of their comfort zone and interact with locals. In the meantime, this allows them to get in touch with people who are interested in the same things they are, and maybe start new friendships.

Accent also provides the chance to do internships in London. This is also a big help from a personal point of view, because it makes students grow on a working level, gaining valuable experience for their future careers. During the interviews, some of them told us that this time spent in the UK made them realize they want to continue studying in Europe, maybe even in London.


The promotional video for school filmed in London for Accent is edited and ready! As we always do, we used top-quality Canon C100 MKII cameras, DJI Ronin and Sennheiser AVX microphones. If you need a promotional video for school, for your business or for your company in the UK, Ireland or the rest of Europe, we are available. Just take a look at our website and ask for a free quote.